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Hello there! I am guessing here that by the time you have taken to reach this webpage you will have absorbed a lot of information and advice about the use of equity capital for business development and expansion purposes, and you wish to apply for equity funding. You will have realised that raising equity capital is not a simple task, and there are many pros and cons to its use.

In particular, I am sure that you noted the point that the competition for investment funds is fierce and competitive, which means that no guarantees can be given that investors will contribute investment funds to any particular investment proposal. Of course, the fact that the equity raising road is tough is simply reflective of the business environment generally. So that is not a valid reason not to have a go, is it?

First Step. Your first step in the process is to apply for equity funding by emailing me at with the word Application in the Subject Line of your message. In your email message, please give me a few essentials details such as

  1. What is your full name?  
  2. What is your gender (male/female)?
  3. What is your preferred honorific (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Prof., etc)?
  4. What is the name of your company or venture?
  5. What is your position or title within the company or venture?
  6. What is your company’s Head Office address?
  7. What is your direct line telephone number?
  8. What is your mobile telephone number?
  9. What is your company’s website address?
  10. Briefly, explain the nature of your venture.

I will then send you an Application for Equity Funding Form. The information that you provide through the Application For Equity Funding form will be very helpful to me in understanding the detail of your venture so that I can be in a better position to discuss your venture with you in a positive way.

If you were to call me on the telephone before you send me your completed Application for Equity Funding Form (and I have no objection to your telephoning me at any time), I will have no background knowledge of your venture. Consequently, most of the telephone time will be taken up with your explanation of your venture with the result that I may not be able to be as helpful as I would like.

I am pleased that you have decided to take the plunge and discuss the possibility of seeking equity capital to implement your venture plans. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goal.

Yours sincerely,

Graham  Segal

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