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Hello! Graham Segal here. Let me first thank you for stopping by The Chiron! Capital Raise Board™ and give you a warm welcome. I will do what I can to make your visit enjoyable, and all going well in the future, profitable. I am a sole proprietor Australian business consultant helping companies to raise capital for their business development and expansion. From the other side of that coin, I help investors (private individuals and venture capital firms) to participate in suitable investments into growth companies, This webpage, The Chiron! Capital Raise Board™, is one of two capital raising boards that I operate to help clients seeking capital. I mention the other board below.

I trade under the name Chiron! the business doctor.™. Why Chiron? You can find the answer to that in the menu down the left hand side of your screen.

Just Who Is This Website For?

This website is for both entrepreneurial Business Owners and savvy Investors. Investors, like business owners, can be a very mixed bunch. On one hand, there are the individual investors with a small nest egg looking for investments that they will be comfortable with; investments where they will get to know the business owners and perhaps have the opportunity to help out in the running of the business. On the other hand, investors include Angel Investors who help out entrepreneurial companies in their early growth stages. Lastly, we have the various and disparate venture capital firms that are always looking for significant returns on their investment, but who bring essential and important business resources to the investee company. As an investor, you may fit somewhere in between these extremes

If You are an Investor Seeking Opportunities to Participate in Growth Companies, Here is Your Link to the List of Present Ventures On Offer

The narrative below provides information to entrepreneurial companies about using the services of Chiron! the business doctor.™ to become investment ready and investor friendly. If you are an investor, it will probably not be of much interest to you.

You really need to go to the The Chiron! Capital Raise Board™ where you can examine and download entrepreneurial companies Investment Offers, so here is your link. This link will take you a page where you will be required to read and acknowledge some government-sponsored warnings about the speculative nature of investing. When you acknowledge that you have read these warnings, you will be automatically transferred to the The Chiron! Capital Raise Board™ Investment Offers.


Business Owners Needing Equity

I have two types of business owner clients who, from time to time, need capital for business development and expansion purposes. You will need to compare your situation with the two client types I outline below to be sure that you are in the right section of my website.

My first group of business owner clients follow the normal or usual Australian financial and accounting standards and conventions and need capital to fund a business development or expansion plan. If that is you, then you’re on the right webpage. All you need to do is keep reading because you are at the home of The Chiron! Capital Raise Board™.

My other group of business owner clients follow the financial and accounting standards and conventions of the Islamic financial system and also need capital to fund a business development or expansion plan. If that is you, you need to change webpages through this link to the  The First Australian Islamic Finance Capital Raising Board™.

OK, let’s get down to business.

I Have Two Very Important Questions for You:

1. Do you need a large dollop of $$$ to expand your business?
2. Do you want to expand your business without getting into debt?

If your answer to those two questions is YES, then how many times have you already said to yourself, ‘I wish I had the $$$ to implement that business expansion plan that I’ve been dreaming about’?

Well, don’t talk to yourself anymore, talk to Chiron! the business doctor.™ because you clearly need the resources of The Chiron! Capital Raisie Board™. With the help of Chiron! the business doctor.™, you have the opportunity to seek all the $$$ you need to expand your business. The $$$ will usually be equity capital, but some companies will request their capital injection in another form. When Chiron! the business doctor.™ helps you to seek equity capital to expand your business, you get three incredible benefits:

  • you don’t get into debt!
  • you don’t pay any interest! and
  • best of all, you don’t even have to pay the $$$ back! At least, not for a few years.

And here’s another terrific bonus from Chiron! the business doctor.™:

As a business owner, you will know that neither companies nor individuals can raise equity capital from the public without first registering an expensive prospectus or product disclosure document with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. When you’re talking prospectuses and product disclosure documents, you’re talking big money: even a modest prospectus or product disclosure document can cost you $100,000 or more. That’s not chickenfeed! It’s a cost well beyond the capacity of most companies.

You still need funds to expand your business though, and a prospectus is clearly out of the question; so what can you do? Simple, really! First, you read some of the information here in in my website; and second, you talk to me about how you can use The Chiron! Capital Raise Board™ to seek the capital you need. That’s what you can do.

The bottom line is that I can  help you to seek the $$$ you need without you paying for an expensive prospectus and without you breaking the law.

How good is that?

Chiron! the business doctor’s™ clinic is always open, and consultations are always free! Chiron! the business doctor.™ relieves business pain

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Is this your opportunity for business success? You won’t know unless you act now! If you are an entrepreneurial company that needs some capital to take advantage of an evolving market opportunity, then (if you are in Australia) you need to call me now on 0405 702 644 for a confidential, no obligation chat about how I can help you to take advantage of the market opportunity you have identified. If you are resident outside of Australia, you can call me on 61 405 702 644. Your phone call to me at this time may well trigger a moment of decision that determines your future business success. Don’t blow it! Don’t ignore it! We are talking about one phone call here. One phone call that has the capacity to change not only your business, but also your life.

It’s a frightening and scary thought, isn’t it?

So grab your destiny, pin it down with both hands. If you don’t make that call, you may forever wonder why you didn’t or what could have been. You may never get a better chance than now. The number again is 61 (0) 405 702 644. Call now! 

Here’s Something A Little Different: The Chiron Suite of Client Services

Helping clients. As an aside, could I point out that equity raising is not the only thing I do for clients? Through this webpage link Here’s the Chiron Client Services, I draw attention to the many ways and means by which I help my clients to improve their business operations and business performance. In short, I offer my clients a high-level value-added service at modest cost. After all, that’s what I am here for: to help clients just like you. Some clients find these services helpful. You may them helpful also. These activities all have one thing in common. They all focus exclusively on helping you to make your business more profitable.

A Personal Invitation for a Free Telephone Consultation

Confidentiality guaranteed, no-obligation incurred. With absolutely no obligation or commitment on your part, please accept this personal invitation for you to privately and confidentially discuss with me any business expansion proposals you may presently be considering for your business. If you don’t talk to me, you will never know how I may be able to help you achieve the business success you deserve. You can call me on 61 (0) 405 702 644. If a phone call is inconvenient, you may prefer to email me at I welcome all your questions, comments and feedback and I will reply to you. By the way, don’t forget to sign up to receive my blogs, white papers and other helpful material I distribute from time to time.

Thanks again for visiting my website.

Yours sincerely,

Graham  Segal

Chiron! the business doctor.™ ... relieves business pain!™ 


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