Why Chiron? Two Reasons: Curiosity & Perfection


It’s such a curious name!


The name ‘Chiron’ is reflective of a high reputation

Why Chiron? Everyone asks that question. In short, the name evokes curiosity in those who confront it as my business name for the first time. There are two reasons for use of the name Chiron. The first one is why you are here. The name piques curiosity and consequently, the name provides me with a golden opportunity to spruik about my consultancy and the benefits I can bring to potential clients like you. Chiron is a smart marketing tool that clearly pays its’ way.

The other reason for use of Chiron is more esoteric and reflects the character of the original Chiron.

The Chiron characteristics. Chiron, in Greek mythology, was astute, shrewd, judicious, reliable and trustworthy, all characteristics necessary or desirable in a modern business consultant. For the purposes of its use as my business trading name, it has nothing to do with the astrological planet  ‘Chiron’ that was in fact named after the mythological Chiron.

Role model ‘par excellence’

Chiron was a centaur. Chiron was the eldest and wisest of all the centaurs, a tribe of mythological beasts who had the body of a horse and the torso of a human man. However, he was unlike all other centaurs, who generally lived rather ribald and bawdy lifestyles of wine, women and song. Chiron was the complete opposite of that. He was an immortal god, a son of the Titan Kronos and a half-brother to Zeus, King of the Gods.

Role model 1. Chiron was a close confidante of many of the Gods. In particular, he was very close to his half-brother Zeus. He had the respect of the Gods because, as earlier referred, he was recognised as being astute, shrewd, judicious, reliable and trustworthy. Over time, he became further renowned for his knowledge of medicine, commerce, hunting and war strategy, as well as his wisdom and sense of justice. Chiron was also noted for his gift of prophecy (and wouldn’t that be a handy attribute for a consultant in this modern business world!).

Role model 2. At the request of Zeus, Chiron raised Hercules, Prometheus, Jason and many other notable mythological characters from childhood to adulthood, preparing them for leadership and adventure. He therefore became their father figure, confidante, teacher and mentor. Hercules, for example, grew up to become the God of Flight and Speed, while Jason became famous as the leader of the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

Relevance to the consultancy profession

Role model 3. Except for the medical knowledge aspect, which has been utilised in my marketing strategy (viz., Chiron! the business doctor.relieves business pain!™), all of the characteristics attributed to the original Chiron can be considered as characteristics either necessary or desirable in an effective, modern-day business consultant.

Yours sincerely,

Graham  Segal

Chiron! the business doctor.™ ... relieves business pain!™ 


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