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I do know how much you hate writing in English. So why not let Chiron! the business doctor.™ write or edit your business documents such as letters, sales proposals, brochures, advertisements, web pages, blog pages, tenders, monthly reports, annual reports and newsletters.

The Chiron Business English Drafting & Editing Service is a modestly priced, confidential and anonymous service for Company Directors and Senior Managers who do not use English as their language of daily use.

Warning: This webpage guide to the Chiron Business English Drafting & Editing Service is information-rich. I understand how important this information is to you when making up your mind as to who can best help you with both the administration and the expansion of your business. Consequently, as the guide covers a lot of ground, expect a long read.

I know that writing in English is difficult (and time consuming) even when English is the language that you use every day; it must be so much more difficult when English is NOT your language of daily use

When English is not your language of daily use, I know how difficult it must be for you (and your colleagues) to write business letters in English. This is a very serious matter because it is most important that your Company does not lose valuable contracts or sales because your business letters in English do not clearly present or explain your sales proposals to your customers and clients.

Help is at hand

This webpage will explain how I will personally help you to write business letters and other documents in English through my Business English Drafting & Editing Service. Importantly, you will receive this help on a one-to-one confidential and anonymous basis.

Yes! My Business English Drafting & Editing Service is both 100% confidential and 100% anonymous!

My Business English Drafting & Editing Service is 100% confidential because, as an experienced business consultant, I am quite used to keeping all my clients’ business secrets completely safe and well protected.

My Business English Drafting & Editing Service is 100% anonymous so that no one would ever know that you or any of your colleagues were using my service, unless you or they themselves told someone.

The Chiron Business English Drafting & Editing Service

My Business English Drafting & Editing Service is very easy to use, convenient and fast. It can be used three ways.

First Way: The first way is for you to confidentially send to me by e-mail a copy of the customer’s letter to which you are replying, along with a simple list of the important points that you need to include in the reply to the customer. This list does not have to be in good English. I will be able to understand what you mean. I will then daft the reply to the customer including all the points you have advised. I will then email the draft reply back to you for checking.

Second Way: The second way to use my service is through you preparing a draft reply to the customer’s letter, and then emailing your draft reply letter to me. I will then review, and if necessary, edit your draft reply to make it as effective as possible and email it back to you for checking. Of course, if we follow this process, it may be prudent or wise for you to also send me a copy of the customer’s letter in order to ensure that the reply will cover all the points raised by the customer.

Third Way: The third way to use my service is to ask me to prepare a first draft of a reply to a customer’s letter that you email to me. In this situation, I will not receive any input suggestions from you.

Whichever way you use my service (and you will probably use all three ways at different times) I will e-mail my draft letter back to you within a few hours. If my draft letter is OK, then you can type or ‘cut & paste’ it to your letterhead and post it straight away to your customer. Alternatively, you can convert my draft letter to an email from your Company and send it to your customer that way.

During this process, you may suddenly think of something else you want to say to your customer. When that happens, just email the additional points to me, and I will change the letter to include the extra points.

Reviews of draft letters. Sometimes, to get a complicated reply letter just right, it might take a few emails back and forth between us. That will not be a problem because I understand how important it is that you are satisfied with my letter, and that my letter truly reflects what you really need to say to your customer.

No matter how many times the letter is passed back and forth between us, we will end up with a letter that is acceptable to you. I never give up until the job is done to your satisfaction. That is my commitment to you.

Modest Fees

I know how important it is that your Company writes letters in good English. I know how important it is that your Company must project itself to customers and clients as being very professional, very competitive and very confident. So let me now invite you to work with me to get your letters and other documents just right. You and your colleagues can work with me on a one-on-one basis for a very affordable fee of $USD 25.00 for a letter of up to two A4 pages long with an 11 point Tahoma font. But please make sure that you don’t include the space on the page that is normally taken by your letterhead in this measurement. Where you have more than two pages, the fee for each additional page will be $USD 10.00 per page or part thereof. For documents longer than 4 pages, I will negotiate a very reasonable flat rate fee with you.

Importance of keeping overhead costs as low as possible

Debit card/credit card/bank fees. Everyone knows that internet banking and credit or debit card fees are a costly imposition on companies. Unfortunately, there is no escape from them. So when you subscribe for my Business English Drafting & Editing Service, to help keep internet and card fees to a minimum, I would suggest that you give me a retainer of $USD 500. This $AUD 400 is roughly based on the fees for preparing twenty letters for you.

This retainer will, in effect, be an imprest account. Thus, every time you use the editing service, the fee for that particular editing job will be debited from this retainer. Of course, with each editing job done for you, you will receive an updated statement of your account.

Please note that I will not take any administrative or other fees from this retainer. Only fees based on direct work for you will be debited from the retainer. I will also pay for the internet banking and credit/debit card fees incurred when you pay the retainer. You will get the full $USD 500 credited to your trading account, regardless of any third party deductions.

I can’t be fairer than that, can I?

So why not sign up now through this link:

If it is more convenient for you, I can accept a direct bank transfer payment in your own country’s currency.

We need to keep costs down, so I am sure you will agree that this is a much more cost-effective and practical way of keeping the internet banking and card fees to a minimum. The alternative is to pay the small fee every time that an editing assignment is completed, but that will obviously be more time-consuming, administratively inconvenient and substantially more expensive, given the low cost of each individual editing assignment.

Your competitive advantage can be my flexibility & scope

Because I personally own and operate the Business English Drafting & Editing Service, I have complete flexibility to work within your Company’s administrative guidelines and procedures. This means that I will be able to draft the letters or documents that you pass to me for action in your Company’s usual style and format.

Your Company can actually use my service for all the English documents that your Company needs. Some examples are web pages, blog pages, advertisements, sales proposals, brochures, tenders for contracts, monthly reports, annual reports, newsletters to English-speaking customers, etc.

Are you now beginning to see how your Company can benefit from my Business English Drafting & Editing Service?

Subscribe today, and for the low cost involved, why wouldn’t you?

As explained above, you can accept this offer to subscribe by simply emailing me with the words ‘English Editing’ in the Subject Line.

Please note these two very important points:

1. This subscription is a Company-based subscription.

Consequently, you do not (I repeat: you do not) need to provide a separate float for each person who wishes to use the Business English Drafting & Editing Service. However, if it is more convenient for your Company to have separate accounts for each person using the service, that can easily be arranged. In that situation, it will not be necessary to pay a full retainer for each officer. We can come to a suitable arrangement in that circumstance.

2. There are no limits on the number of persons who may use the Service.

Please note that there are no limits or restrictions on the number of persons who may use the Business English Drafting & Editing Service. It could be three persons from your Company or twenty-three, it doesn’t matter.

Please contact me personally and discuss my Business English Drafting & Editing Service

I realise that it takes a leap of faith to pay $USD 500 to a business consultant that you do not personally know. However, you can learn a little more about me on my webpage Meet Graham: Chiron’s Helmsman at In addition to the information published in that webpage, please accept this personal invitation for you, or any other Company Officer, to get to know me better by personally telephoning me at any time on (+61) 0405 702 644 for a friendly chat.  Why not call me right now? I would be thrilled to get a call from you. I should also tell you however that I am in the Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone.

By the way, I must further point out that I never charge for telephone calls and emails I receive because you need some urgent practical advice. Some professionals such as solicitors and accountants do charge for receiving telephone calls and emails on the grounds that you must pay for their time while they answer the telephone call or respond to the email. I am not one of them.

You can telephone me at any time for advice or a chat without incurring any consultation fees or charges.

Thanks again for visiting my website. Please feel free to visit my other webpages. I am sure that you will find them just as informative as this page.

Yours sincerely,

Graham  Segal

Chiron! the business doctor.™ ... relieves business pain!™ 


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