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... and for no extra cost, Chiron! the business doctor.™ will throw in some improvements to your cash flow, shareholder value, productivity and international competitiveness at the same time

Warning: There is a considerable amount of information here concerning my profit revival program. I understand how important this information is to you when making up your mind as to who can best help you with the expansion of your business. Consequently, as the guide covers a lot of ground, expect a long read.

Profit revival involves improving your company’s five vital economic health signs

Hi there! You have opened my webpage on profit revival, and I warmly welcome you here. In this webpage, I explain how I work with companies like yours to revive or improve the five vital economic health signs. The five vital economic health signs are profitability, shareholder value, cash flow, productivity and international competitiveness.

Only you know if your company can do better. If you feel your company could or should be doing better than it is at the moment, even though it is operating at a profit or if you are of the opinion that your company’s profit level is not what it should be, and needs some reviving, then you have come to the right place. After all, whose opinion can be better than yours in relation to such a sensitive issue, particularly when you are so close to the action? By coming here to this webpage however, you are indicating that you may have an impediment of some sort that is stopping your company from reaching its peak or optimum performance level.

Admitting a problem is difficult. If that is the case, then full marks to you. It is not easy to admit to yourself that a problem even exists, let alone to take proactive action to resolve the perceived or actual difficulty. It would appear to me therefore that by being in this webpage you are prepared to act positively to discover and remove any performance impediments. The removal of impediments that stop companies from achieving their optimum performance level for peak profitability is what I do. It’s what I am here for.

Profit revival is life-changing. As I outline how I go about reviving companies’ five vital economic health signs, the information will undoubtedly cause you to look at your own company in a completely different light. You will probably want to monitor your company’s fundamentals much more closely than you ever did in the past. That of course is no bad thing to aim for.

Profit Revival: the importance of cash flow 

Cash flow is lifeblood. Profitability is precious because it is the basis of shareholder value. Shareholder value provides the oxygen to maintain shareholder confidence. Shareholder confidence lies at the heart of business life. Shareholder confidence is even more important when you are the major shareholder in your own business. While shareholder value is the oxygen supporting your business, cash flow is the lifeblood that keeps your business alive. More businesses fail because of cash flow problems than any other reason.

Let me say that again: More businesses fail because of cash flow problems than any other reason. As the major shareholder in your business, you have the ultimate appreciation for, and understanding of, how you need a positive cash flow to keep your business operating successfully.

Profit Revival through the Chiron ‘BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™’ Protocols

The process is collaborative. Profit Revival for client companies is achieved through the application of the Chiron proprietary BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™ protocols, where MRI stands for Mandated Reinforcement Initiative. The process is ‘mandated’ because you must both agree to its use, and you must actively participate it its application in your company. The process will not be effective without your active participation.

The process is not computer-based. The process therefore is not based on some secretive computer-based proprietorial software program that is copyright protected by national accounting firms, consulting firms or coaching firms, who use it to tell you how to run your company their way. Rather, the process is individually designed by me for each company that wishes to make use of it.

The process is company-specific. The manner in which your company will use the BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™ process will reflect your company’s particular situation. The process developed for your company therefore will not generally be suitable for use in another company. What I am saying here is that the process is company specific. Moreover, as you personally are an integral participant in the process from the day it starts, there is nothing in the process that is secretive or hidden from you. By the way, the term ‘reinforcement’ is used here in the protocol title because the results are designed to reinforce your company’s vital economic health signs to improve your company’s overall business health.

The process is company-unique. If you didn’t pick up the point before, the BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™ protocols are not based on a computer software program. They are a set of principles and methodology that I use to assess the performance of a company. The methodology will naturally vary from company to company, the point being that the BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™ protocols will be specific to the particular company concerned.

Comparison with family GP. In this process, I look after my clients like a family GP looks after his or her patients (after all, I am Chiron! the business doctor.™ who relieves business pain!™).  Within that context, the results I obtain from the BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™ permit me to assess your Company’s vital economic health signs and diagnose the symptoms that are adversely affecting your company’s business activity, or holding back your company’s business expansion. With that knowledge, I can then prescribe a suitable course of action as the treatment to return your company to its optimum business health.

Profit revival through contemporary change management techniques

The process is completely internal. You have my assurance that any treatment prescribed however, will be capable of implementation from your company’s in-house resources. For example, you will not be asked to purchase expensive proprietary computer software packages that will allegedly be the key to improving your company’s business results. You will not be asked to engage some high-priced, creative financier who allegedly has all the answers to your problems for an open-ended fee.

Change management techniques. The treatment I prescribe will involve the simple application of some contemporary change management techniques to your company. More specifically, the contemporary change management techniques will reflect an appropriate combination of enterprise restructuring strategies, process improvement objectives and performance management techniques that will be specifically designed to improve your company’s vital economic health signs.

Change management not just for the big boys. It is an unfortunate fact of business life that too many small and mid-sized companies consider that contemporary change management techniques are the preserve of the large corporations that inhabit the big end of town. This is not so, and I have personally applied contemporary change management techniques in small companies to revive their profitability.

From Prescription to Treatment to Profit

The result. The treatment prescribed, if implemented effectively, will enable your company to react with resilience and confidence to its’ competitive pressures. An additional benefit from this whole exercise will be to give you a much better understanding of

  • why your customers and clients buy from your company,
  • how your company may discover and exploit new marketplace opportunities,
  • the competitive threats that your company must neutralise,
  • how you must ensure that all staff fully understand what contribution each of them must make for the business to be successful, and
  • whether your company’s commercial activities, now and in the future, will actually achieve the desired business outcomes in terms of profitability and shareholder value.

Targeting hidden profits and untapped profits

Hidden profits and untapped profits. Profit revival also has a side benefit not always realised until after the event. Through my BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™, clients often get the benefit of drawing out hidden profits and untapped profits, thereby adding further unexpected value to the company’s profitability level. These hidden or untapped profits are not a response to the clandestine actions of some person trying to squirrel away company funds for some nefarious or mischievous purpose. They are simply additional profits that become available because the application of the BUSINESS HEALTH MRI SCAN™ protocols have provided a fresh way at looking at how certain functions can be carried out more efficiently in your company.

Action is up to you. If you think your profitability needs reviving (and you are in the best place to make that call) it probably does need reviving. So make your next move a positive one: email me or call me on (+61) 0404 631 230, I’m only an email or telephone call away. I would be delighted if you did. If you want to call me in the evening when you may have more time available to chat, please do so.

Can you see from the material above how your Company can benefit in practical ways from my help? An important feature of that help that can be very beneficial to you is my flexibility. Because I personally own and operate my own business, I have complete flexibility to work with you without any constraints. This is quite an important point when trying to revive a business, because it means that I can easily blend in with your usual operating systems and procedures.

Be careful. In operating my own business, I don’t have to abide by rules and guidelines set by a franchise chain or national consulting firm. In the situation where a franchise chain or consulting firm is given a consulting assignment, some issues need to be resolved. For example, consider this: a franchise chain or large consulting firm may cause conflicts of interest with you as the client. The issue here is this: does the franchise chain or consulting firm doing the work for you give your interests priority over their own interests and policies?

This is not an issue with me. I can, and do, give total 100% support to my clients. I have no external or extraneous factors to interfere in my working relationship with you.

Time is of the essence in uncovering hidden profits and untapped profits. Don’t delay calling me if you think your company needs a profit revival. Remember however, that in applying profit revival strategies, time is of the essence to prevent any deterioration in your situation. In these situations, time is often a very precious commodity and it is always in short supply. You must ensure that enough time is available to implement the remedial measures.

Please Note This Important Personal Limitation. As a sole-practitioner, I simply cannot accept every assignment I am offered. There are unfortunately not enough hours in each day to accept them all. So please call me now. I operate on the ‘first up, best dressed’ principle.

Yours sincerely,

Graham  Segal

Chiron! the business doctor.™ ... relieves business pain!™ 


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