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The primary business goal of Team Chiron is to continually recruit new clients. If you can help to recruit new clients, Team Chiron will reward you. If you can help Team Chiron to satisfy client needs by interacting professionally with clients to deliver value and help clients to reach for their dreams, Team Chiron will reward you even more.

Chiron! the business doctor.™ provides clients with a diverse range of services that are presented professionally with a very high degree of accountability. I explain these services quite clearly in this website.

Team Chiron requires two types of person:

Client recruitment. The first type of person will help Team Chiron in the extremely important function of client recruitment. Persons involved with client recruitment are called Chiron Client Relationship Managers, and they will generally be persons who have extensive business contacts.

If a Chiron Client Relationship Manager introduces someone whose company becomes a paying client of Chiron! the business doctor.™, the Chiron Client Relationship Manager shall in normal circumstances receive a fee of between $500 and $1,000, depending upon the nature of the client’s assignment.

Professional client assistance. The second type of person to help Team Chiron will have specialised skills and experience and a wish to interact with clients as a consultant adviser. They are called Chiron Consultant Advisers. Persons who would like to consider such work should first review the various services offered under the Chiron! the business doctor.™ banner and consider whether they could provide any of those services at a high level of proficiency from within their own knowledge, skills and experience.

In more specific terms, Chiron Consultant Advisers will be expected to have a broad and comprehensive business or industrial relations background. A candidate for Team Chiron would therefore ideally have a work background as:

  • a General Manager of at least five years continuous experience in that position with a company that employed at least 200 full time employees, or
  • a Divisional Manager of a large company with at least five years continuous experience in the position with ‘bottom line’ accountability for the Division and managerial responsibility for at least 200 full time divisional employees, or
  • a business consultant with at least three years ‘hands-on’ work dealing directly with clients, and who was personally  accountable for all work performed for the client, or
  • an Industrial Advocate with at least five years’ continuous experience with either an employer association or a trade union who can demonstrate broad experience in dealing with:
  • sensitive industrial disputes involving strikes and other forms of work limitation,
  • the negotiation and settlement of formal disputes concerning wages and conditions of employment, including matters relating to occupational health and safety
  • advocacy before industrial tribunals in public interest ‘test cases’ concerning matters of employment law principle & policy, appeals against adverse industrial tribunal decisions, and unfair dismissal cases
  • the negotiation and settlement of senior executive common law contracts of employment, senior executive performance management, and matters related thereto.

In addition to the above criteria, experience as a company director and/or a company secretary will be highly regarded.

I welcome applications to join Team Chiron

You can submit a confidential application to join Team Chiron at any time. Just send me your résume along with a short covering letter (two pages: max) explaining why you would be successful working as either a Chiron Client Relationship Manager recruiting new clients or a Chiron Consultant Adviser working in conjunction with me to help make clients’ business operations more successful.

Important notice. Please note that all work with Team Chiron is contractually based on arrangements between us that will not create an employment relationship. Ideally, to facilitate this arrangement for maximum benefit to both of us, you should have an Australian Business Number (ABN), but this is not mandatory. If you do not have an ABN and have doubts about seeking one, you should discuss the matter with your accountant.

I look forward to reading your application.

Yours sincerely,

Graham  Segal

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