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Special Notice: Free Downloads

Please note that the documents on my website that are available for FREE DOWNLOAD, still have to be processed by my checkout system. I’m afraid that we are all in the hands of Mr. Technology and his handmaiden, Ms. Software Systems.

The purchase/download procedure

If you are purchasing items for money, I use the PayPal system. PayPal has been successfully doing this sort of thing for years and years in a very professional and secure manner.

Don’t want to use PayPal? That’s OK! Don’t want to use a credit card or debit card? That’s OK, too! You can simply purchase items through a bank to bank electronic funds transfer (EFT). Just email me with the letters/words EFT & Your Name in the Subject Line. I will then send you my bank account details so that you can make the bank to bank funds transfer. Items purchased through an EFT will not be sent to you of course until the payment is confirmed by my bank.

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