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Hello! You’re a bit early.

You have dropped in before I have finished building my website. I only started this project a little while ago ago and unfortunately for you, I haven’t got around to completing this page yet. It is scheduled for activation soon.

Please bear with me while I go through this website development process. It shouldn’t take too long.

I presume that you have visited because you are aware that the primary focus of my business activities is helping small and mid-size companies to become investment ready and investor friendly, and then raise equity capital for business expansion purposes. That’s the official view of my work. I personally have an alternative view about my work: I like to think of my work as helping business owners and directors to achieve their business dreams.

If you have a niggling business management problem or an equity raising difficulty that is causing you some concern or irritation, and you would like my view on how the matter may be resolved, please email me in confidence at I will respond.


Graham Segal

PS. Graham is the author of the forthcoming eBook:

The Venture Capital MasterClass: everything you always wanted to know about raising equity capital …but until now, you had no one to ask!