You can get on top of unfair dismissals and win convincingly!

Unfair dismissals. Of all the subjects that you, as small or mid-size business owner, have to get your head around, unfair dismissals are near the top of the ‘too hard’ list and the ‘do I really need to worry myself about this?’ list. In my discussions over the years with small and mid-size business owners like you, some of the words often used in conjunction with the phrase ‘unfair dismissals’ are hatred, loathing, indignation, outrage, disgust, tricky, expensive and costly. You can see that this subject attracts a great deal of anger, passion and rage.

Survive IR; navigate the minefield. While this subject, and the closely related issues of constructive dismissal and unlawful dismissal attracts a great deal of emotion, this is not as it should be.

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